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Marketing should make you money. Not waste it.

In 2015, I was working at a law firm run by my Dad and Uncle. They had a couple of different companies managing their website and marketing efforts. The website was bad and the PPC and TV ads weren’t generating nearly enough leads. I knew it couldn’t get worse if I took over. It would at least save the firm money. So I did. It saved them thousands of dollars that first year with no negative impact in lead generation. It was a start!

A problem-solver at heart.

Not long after, Clear Brand Story Marketing was born. We have found that the key to successful marketing lies in the messaging. If your message isn’t clear, nothing else you do will matter.

That is why we use StoryBrand, a narrative messaging framework, to help our clients clearly show their customers how their product or service solves their customer’s problems and leads them to success.

When your business grows, your community thrives.

I’m a local business owner, just like you. I also co-founded a nonprofit focused on improving our local community. To do that, local business needs to thrive. At Clear Brand Story Marketing, we help business leaders just like you find the right words to land the right clients so your business grows.

When your business succeeds, your employees succeed, and your community thrives. That’s why we do what we do.

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Find the right words to land the right clients

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