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Does your business struggle to bring in quality leads as frequently as you need them?

It probably has nothing to do with your services and everything to do with the words you use on your website and in your marketing.

When your marketing starts with the right words, everything is easier.

Creating a clear marketing message with the right words isn’t some magical process. When you have a guide with a proven framework, the right words come to the surface.

More Leads

When your potential clients feel invited into a story, more will contact you to find out how you resolve the story for them.

Better Leads

You don’t just need more leads, you need better leads. The right words draw in the right clients and leave out the rest.

Faster Growth

With more of the right leads, your client roster will grow and so will your bottom line. Leaving you to do what you love.

Jerry Toomer of The Catalyst Effect and Butler University

“If you want to develop a crisp, powerful brand message, call Joe [at Clear Brand Story Marketing]. He brings a strong skill set and maturity to his use of StoryBranding. As our marketing guide, he helped us focus clearly on our clients, our message, and our call to action. On top of that, he worked with us to fully redesign our website: we are delighted.”

Jerry Toomer

Founder, Partner, and Author
The Catalyst Effect

Find the right words to land the right clients

Here’s how we get started.

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1. Schedule a Call

Set up a 30-minute introductory call by phone or Zoom so we can learn how we might best help.

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2. Select a Plan

We will customize a plan that fits your goals and budget so you get exactly what you need to grow.

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3. Execute

We help you create a marketing message with the right words so your marketing works.

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Turn Your Website into Your Best Sales Associate

Growing a business is hard. On top of the day-to-day struggle of serving clients, nurturing your staff, and paying the bills, you need the business to grow. To do that, you need a clear message and a simple marketing plan. The problem is, most marketing agencies will build you a beautiful website, but it fails to grow your business. Why? Because, it lacks the right words.

At Clear Brand Story, we use a proven framework based on elements of storytelling to create a crystal clear marketing message that feeds a simple marketing funnel. We believe marketing should be easy and should make you money.

Here’s how it works.

  • First, we clarify your message using elements of storytelling to capture your audience and lead them to action.
  • Second, we use that clear message to develop a simple marketing funnel, starting with your website and working out to email, social media, and beyond.
  • Finally, with a clear message and a simple marketing plan, you can watch your business grow and take back your time.

Don’t waste another minute worrying about where the next lead will come from or how you’ll make payroll. Definitely don’t hire a marketing agency that doesn’t take the time to help you create a clear marketing message. Schedule an introductory call today and let’s put the business of your dreams into reach!

David Nay of Fintech Executive Search Consultants

Joe at Clear Brand Story Marketing has been a great resource and partner for our nonprofit. He helped us figure out our story to tell then turn that story into a website that is easy to navigate. He is very responsive to even the smallest requests. He does all the heavy lifting on the website design and maintenance behind the scenes so we can focus on the more important work of continuing our mission.

A Simple Process to a Marketing Funnel That Works

Step 1: Brand Messaging

Nothing is more powerful in the human brand than a story. So, the first thing we do is lead you through a brand messaging session to develop your clear brand story.

Step 2: Website Creation

Next, we take your new clear brand story and wireframe each page of your new website so every page invite your customer into a story. Then, either we build your site or your current web designer does.

Step 3: Lead Generation

Your brand is only as strong as your email list. So, we help you craft a lead generator for your website that collects names and emails of potential customers.

Step 4: Email Nurture Series

Now that your email list is growing, we help you map out and write an email series that keeps you top of mind for your potential clients or customers.

Step 5: Sales Email

After nurturing your prospective clients for a time, it’s time to turn them into paying clients. We help you write a sales email or sales email campaign to move them to action.

Step 6: Social and Beyond

Everything you do needs to help you build trust with your audience and move them toward your website and into a client or email subscriber. We help you develop a social media strategy to get them to the right place.

Frequently Asked Questions from businesses we’ve worked with.

What is the difference between Branding and Marketing?

The easiest way to view the difference is Branding is how people feel about your brand and marketing is positioning your brand as a solution to a problem your customers need to overcome so they want to buy what you sell.

What is Brand Messaging and how will it help my business?

Brand Messaging is how you and your customers talk about your business.

We use a narrative messaging framework that utilizes elements of storytelling to position your customer as the hero in a story and your brand as their guide. Your customer wants something, but they have a problem that is preventing them from getting it. Your brand is there to be the guide that helps them overcome their problem and win the day.

Is Brand Messaging or Visual Branding more important?
We see them as equal partners. To be sure, people buy things based on the words they read. However, if the words they read are not presented in a way that is aesthetically appealing and easy to consume…they might not read them.

That being said, we start with Brand Messaging and then move on to visual branding when a client needs both. If you already have an established visual brand, we’ll go through brand messaging and buzz by visual branding if it’s not needed.

What is he benefit of good copywriting?

Copywriters aren’t poets. Copywriters are people who are skilled at taking just about any idea, no matter how complex, and putting it into clear language your potential customer understands. 

They take your product or service and put it into words your customer quickly will understand and cause them to want to purchase or hire you.

Can you help with our social media?

One of the greatest benefits of our Brand Messaging Guides (results of your Brand Messaging Session) is it gives you a roadmap for what to talk about, and how to say it, on your social media channels. 

Never guess again what you need to post about on social media.

Can you build me a new website that ranks on Google?

Short answer…probably. While we regularly have success getting clients’ websites to increase in search ranking through various SEO practices (Search Engine Optimization), we make no promises you’ll rank #1 or on the first page. A lot of that has to do with your target market and how saturated it might be. If you’re a brand new attorney trying to break into personal injury law, ranking on page one is going to take a while. We can, however, help you develop a plan to get there. It just won’t be an overnight success.

Is email marketing dead?
Heck no! Email marketing is alive and well. Building a robust email list is like having money in the bank. We help you map out what lead generators might be valuable for your clientele and work with you on effective sales and nurture email campaigns.
What is a lead generator and why do I need one?

A lead generator is an asset you essentially give away on your website for the low cost of someone’s name and email address. It has a strong title that leaves your customer wanting to know more and is very valuable once they receive it.

By offering a lot of value to your potential customers, you’re creating a sense of “reciprocity.” They feel like they benefited so much from your generosity they need to hire you to return the favor.

A lead generator can be a lot of things. An email series, a PDF, a video series, a small course, a webinar, etc. Anything that provides a lot of value and delivers you an email address in return. 

How does Clear Brand Story Marketing approach website design?

The purpose of your website is to be your 24/hr sales associate. It should work for you even when you’re not working. We write and design your website to be simple, and clear as to how your product or service helps your customer overcome their problem.

Simple words. Simple design. Always move the customer to take action (hire you).

Can you help with content marketing?

Yes! Our Brand Messaging Guide we create for you will be the foundation of content marketing for your small business. It will be a road map for how to create effective content that always connects with your audience.

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